Y Thao Garden
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Ancient and poetic scene of Y Thao Garden restaurant
Y Thao Garden is located at 03 Thach Han Street, which is a suitable place for those who love and are passionate about learning the architecture and cuisine of Hue.
Ancient and poetic scene of Y Thao Garden restaurant
Address: 03 Thach Han Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City
Opening Time: 8:00 - 22:00
Status: Active

Diners come to enjoy the food and get a better sense of Hue because of the peaceful atmosphere and ancient buildings. This place is extremely suitable for anyone who is passionate about learning about the culinary culture, and the typical architecture of Hue. Y Thao Garden has the typical ancient architecture of ancient Hue with 2 spaces: a garden and an indoor space. The garden space gives this place a fresh, clean atmosphere with the natural scent of plants. The space inside is quiet, polite, clean, and very classic.

Especially, from Hue Festival 2000 up to now, Y Thao Garden is also a place to welcome visitors and organize family meals, vegetarianism, and savory parties with Hue colors. Hue delicacies here are presented very elaborately and beautifully. Helps to enhance the taste of the dish for passionate diners from the first try.


Attractions, learn about the culture of Hue

Thao Hue Garden owns two collections of fine art features of Hue: The collection of 200 pieces of Hue enamel porcelain through the Le - Trinh and Nguyen eras over 300 years. The second collection is Hue mirror paintings including mother-of-pearl mirror paintings, portraits of princesses, paintings of tuong quotes, paintings of Cam Ky Thi Hoa, Bat Tien...This may be the greatest value of this garden house, attracting visitors by the appearance of ancient objects and titles recorded in Chinese characters and Nom letters.

The above two collections are considered two precious antiques of special cultural value. Visitors who have visited Hue should not miss the opportunity to visit Y Thao Garden to experience and learn the traditional cultural values of Hue people in particular and Vietnamese culture in general.

Not only visiting the ornamental flower garden but visitors are also told by the owners of the garden houses about the history of the house's formation. Learn about the characteristics of the Hue family and people as well as enjoy the housewife of the owner of the beautiful garden through Hue specialties.

This space to enjoy ancient and beautiful cuisine in the heart of Hue is definitely an ideal dating spot for you and your loved ones to spend time together. What is more wonderful when exploring the typical beauty of the land of Kinh Ky, enjoying a variety of Hue royal dishes with a unique taste that is unparalleled.


The garden was born 5 decades ago with the unique traditional culture of Hue.

Born 5 decades ago, Y Thao Garden is a unique traditional culture of Hue with a garden area of about 1300m2. In the middle of the house, from the entrance gate is a Penjing arranged from the rocks forming a screen. The two sides are two Penjings arranged in the Thanh Long - Bach Ho position, which is a very fancy variation.

The grounds of the garden after being renovated are about 2000m². There are scattered rocks here. Thanh Long Penjing is associated with the lake, Bach Ho Penjing is associated with a small tree block representing Van Tung Mai. Five Penjings scattered on the lawn in the garden symbolize the Ngu Nhac - Five Famous Mountains of the East. The whole tree in the garden is an elaborate collection and diligent care of the owner.

Green, cool, and spacious garden space

Y Thao Garden is an architectural system arranged in the North-South direction including gate, alley, screen, Penjing, shallow tank, yard, and house. The gate and screen are built of bricks, the entrance to the alley is planted with hibiscus or carefully cropped fence. Behind the screen is a shallow tank with a small island, a large yard, and then the house. Planted with lots of trees and flowers all year round.

Cozy culinary space in Hue's Ruong house

Looking at the landscape of the garden, visitors easily recognize the soul and lifestyle of the owner. The architecture of the garden represents the harmony between human life and plants, between spiritual and material life. They all complement each other to create a balance in architecture.

Visiting Y Thao Garden, visitors seem to be returning to the warm space of family life in the countryside where Hue citadel. Entering the garden, a miniature universe is opened, extremely peaceful and relaxed. From the house, the garden is still poetic, peaceful, and quiet. Contributing to creating a unique culture, honoring the beauty of Hue.

Artistic Value:

Hue royal court cuisine experience

When coming to Y Thao Garden, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of Hue imperial style. The menu here is selected and arranged with a reasonable mix of vegetarian and savory dishes. The taste of each dish is boldly characteristic of ancient Hue cuisine. Enjoying the first taste is enough to bring visitors back to Hue of a regal era.

All the dishes of this place are presented very elaborately and beautifully. These are Nem Cong, Cha Phuong, banana flower salad, fig salad, green bean cake, stir-fried beef, stir-fried pork, and vegetarian dishes...for diners to choose freely. Especially at the Y Thao Garden, there are also cooking courses for Vietnamese cuisine. Each course from 4 - 5 sessions costs from 600.000 VND – 800.000 VND/Course is very popular with tourists, especially international tourists.

Route Guide:

Y Thao Garden Restaurant is about 1,5 km from the Citadel, which is very convenient for visitors after visiting Hue Citadel to eat and enjoy the typical garden space of Hue. Guests traveling in a large car with more than 30 seats will be picked up by the restaurant in a smaller car so that they can travel to Hue Citadel

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