Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer
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Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer
Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer has just served alcoholic beverages as a Pub restaurant that can bring visitors a rich pure coffee flavor no different from other coffee shops.
Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer
Address: 9 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City
Opening Time: 10:00 AM - 00:00 PM

Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer has just served alcoholic beverages as a Pub restaurant that can bring visitors a rich pure coffee flavor no different from other coffee shops. This pub not only serves wonderful food and unique drinks, but it also has a calm atmosphere and professional service. The value that the shop wants to bring to customers is the experience of high satisfaction. So everyone who leaves here remembers an appealing café, tavern, and restaurant in the enchanted land of Hue. Although the shop is located in a prime location on Pham Ngu Lao Street, the price is not too expensive. The quality of food and drink at Gecko Pub Hue is delicious, and beautifully presented. Not to mention the professional and polite staff. A place worth visiting to experience utility services here.


Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer is home to a café-pub-restaurant, which integrates 3in1 and specializes in delicious European cuisine. Visitors' hearts are also warmed by the food and accommodations available here. Although only serving basic dishes from  Europe - Asia but the menu is still very different and many choices. The most special is Gecko pizza, a dish that combines flavors together. Although the space, food, and drink menu are diverse and quality, the price is not expensive. Therefore, anyone can enjoy the taste of dishes and drinks without having to worry about the price.

Most of the staff here are young people with enthusiasm and energy. Therefore, you will feel extremely satisfied with the quality of service here. These energetic young people will assist you in resolving any issues that may arise.


Anybody who recalls Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer must highlight the one-of-a-kind architecture. Coming here, you can easily recognize that this place has classic and sophisticated architecture. Throughout are simple architectural styles, creating a sense of closeness to the environment. The wall is built of simple bricks and stones, not covered with paint, but an original masonry wall. As a result, this location produces a unique feature and serves as a decoration with a lovely backdrop. 

Every detail of the interior, each table and chair is made entirely of wood with deep tones neatly arranged. The staircase and handrails to the upper floor are also designed with building materials combined with wood. Although it looks simple and delicate, it is extremely solid. 

The decoration of the shop is also very unique, showing the opposite in 2 extremes. Stepping here, you will easily notice the contrasting image of the wall coated with a very rough thin layer of cement and vivid green pots. In addition, the interior of the shop is also focused on non-shiny wood, combined with very bright floral pillows.

Experience Guide:

The shop always focuses on the feeling of customers, and always wants to increase the comfortable experience and relieve stress. As a result, the room is designed with a lot of vegetation that appears to be everywhere. Moreover, it is the harmony in the designs and the way the space is built that makes this place more intimate and pleasant.

It can be said that Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer is one of the very few restaurants in Hue with such a unique, distinct, and quality design. You will have plenty of Hue check-in images while visiting a restaurant with no dead corners, such as Gecko - Pizza & Craft Beer.

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