Ong Lac Sweet Soup
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Although Ong Lac sweet soup is not a traditional food of Hue, it has contributed to enriching the taste of Hue cuisine.
Address: 36 Thanh Tịnh, Vy Da, Hue
Opening Time: From 10am to 10pm
Status: Opening

When hearing about Ong Lac sweet soup, it seems that it is just a local shop with popular types of sweet soup that are present almost everywhere in Hue.

However, the restaurant has many other interesting things of its own and is also the highlight that creates the recent "hot" that makes visitors to Hue curious to taste and experience.

Let's explore with khamphahue Ong Lac sweet soup (also known as Ong Thuong sweet soup) as below.

Ong Lac sweet soup is located at 36 Thanh Tinh Street, Hue City and only has a very simple name plate hanging in front of the shop.

According to the family, in 1982, Mrs. Lac from Quang Nam followed her husband to Hue, then opened a sweet soup shop to make a living at 36 Thanh Tinh Street, Vy Da Ward (Hue City). Located modestly in the zigzag road, however, the sweet soup shop is known by many people because it brings the unique taste of Quang Land. Ms. Lac said that her sweet soup is made by 3 types of beans imported directly from Da Nang: red beans, red kidney beans and brown beans. Mixed with the flavor of the beans is the fatty and fragrant taste of coconut milk and roasted peanuts.

The "divine" bean sweet soup loved by many generations of customers of Ong Lac shop.

The restaurant has formed and sold traditional prices for more than 40 years, but so far there is still no signboard, customers come to eat and take the name of Mrs. Lac and put it on the shop and used to be called Ong Lac (Mr. Lac) sweet soup. In addition, because the shop is located near Ong Thuong bridge, Phu Thuong commune, Hue city, it is also known as Ong Thuong sweet soup. Unlike other sweet soup shops that focus on the variety of types, Mr. Lac's tea focuses on two main types of sweet soup, namely: bean sweet soup, and fruit sweet soup. In the corn season in Hue, the shop sells more corn sweet soup. In each type of sweet soup, there are specific flavors, customers should not miss.

With affordable prices (10 thousand VND/cup), the restaurant attracts quite a lot of customers, especially students, college students, office workers and now tourists from all over the world. Sweet, thick soybean sweet soup with fragrant, fatty coconut milk blends very well. Fruits include dragon fruit, avocado, papaya, mango, jackfruit, dried coconut to eat extremely cool in summer. The shop space has recently been renovated so it is very clean, airy and spacious. After eating tea, you can also enjoy free tea, the taste of tea beans is also very unique.

Although Ong Lac sweet soup is not a traditional food of Hue, it has contributed to enriching the taste of Hue cuisine. And for many Hue people, coming to Ong Lac Sweet Soup is like a moment to return to the old memories of the young age, the school age, to find a carefree and loving time in every human life.

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