White Lotus Hotel Hue
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White Lotus in the Heart of the Ancient Capital
White Lotus Hotel Hue is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of the ancient capital with a harmonious combination of luxurious neoclassical architecture and sophisticated art in the style of the palace, thoughtful staffs promise to bring you great moments of relaxation during your trip to Hue!
White Lotus in the Heart of the Ancient Capital
Address: 05-07 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hue City, Vietnam
Opening Time: 24/7
Status: Opening
Free Breakfast
Free Wifi
Private Beach
Parking Lot
Meeting/Event Services
Scheduled Airport Transfers

White Lotus Hotel Hue is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of the ancient capital with a harmonious combination of luxurious neoclassical architecture and sophisticated art in the style of the palace, thoughtful staffs promise to bring you great moments of relaxation during your trip to Hue!
White Lotus Hotel Hue always serves tea cake to you right in the main lobby area

Check-in and check-out time: 14:00 – 12:00. In case of too early check-in or too late check-out, the hotel may charge you additional fees.

You can book at the official website of White Lotus Hotel Hue or book through OTA (Online Travel Agent) channels such as Traveloka, Booking… to hunt for the best price. Prices are subject to change and vary depending on demand and when you book.

White Lotus Hotel Hue always serves tea and cakes to you in the main lobby area



With a fairly large area, White Lotus Hotel Hue owns an extremely diverse system of rooms with up to 90 rooms to help visitors freely choose rooms according to personal preferences, as well as family finances.

1. Superior Mountain View Room

Superior Mountain View room system with an area of 22m2 has a view of Ngu Binh Mountain and is fully equipped with necessary and modern equipment. This room is very suitable for couples who go on a honeymoon or travel. Couples have the opportunity to be together, create memorable memories, share, and confide with their companion so that their troubles will disappear and leave behind the most precious positive energies and joys of the trip.

- Price range only from : 1.019.000 VND (tax included and breakfast)

Superior room with a beautiful view at White Lotus Hotel Hue

With an extremely modern open space design in the Superior room

2. Deluxe River View Room

Deluxe River View room overlooking the Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge. The room is equipped with 1 large double bed or 2 double beds which are very suitable for families with 1-2 small children. In the space full of laughter, every traveler seems to be releasing the stress and fatigue that they have experienced. Guests will be able to share the chores in the family, have time to understand each other better and play with their children more.

- Room rates range from: 1.129.000 VND (including tax and breakfast)

Fully furnished room for you

3. Family Suite

The room for families should also be much larger than the above 2 rooms with an area of 55m2. The room has blue and white colors to create an open space in the front view, facing the Perfume River, watching the sunset also awake all the feelings of guests. All guests also need to know what they belong to and create their own nature to make a suitcase for the road ahead.

4. White Lotus Studio

Located on the top floor of the hotel with an area of 55 m2 it is designed in the style of a communal house, so brown is the main color to give visitors an ancient but very luxurious feeling. Not only that, but it also creates a warm space right next to the winding Perfume River. The room is designed with 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, and 1 living room, very suitable for small families who are planning to travel and explore the ancient capital of Hue.

5. Connecting Rooms

If you go with a small group of friends or a family of about 4 people, Connecting Rooms will be the best choice. This room has an area of 49m2 including 2 separate rooms with 1 double bed and 2 single beds. These two rooms have interconnecting ways, so they both ensure privacy but still make you feel warm with your loved one.


Route Guide:

* Transfer from Phu Bai International Airport to White Lotus Hotel Hue

White Lotus Hotel Hue is located about 17km from Phu Bai International Airport, you can use transportation by major taxi companies such as Mai Linh taxi, Vina Sun taxi, Hue Private taxi, Thanh Cong Hue taxi, Gili Hue taxi, Huong Giang taxi... always available at the lobby with a price of about 350.000 VND – 380.000 VND/ trip and the travel time takes about 25 minutes to reach the hotel.

Experience Guide:

1. Pool

Called the infinity pool with open space, the panoramic view of the city is very loving and poetic. Located right on the 5th floor of the hotel, guests will have a great experience at this pool, just immerse yourself in the cool water and watch the sun fade behind the rows of houses, beautiful like an oil painting of the artist. In addition, tourists can enjoy the summer drinking water provided by the hotel. With modern style combined with open space, this room will give you a great experience


2. Restaurants

White Lotus Restaurant Hue has an extremely professional staff that will not disappoint visitors. There are two restaurants in the hotel: Sen Restaurant and Lotus Restaurant. Each restaurant has a very airy, rustic but attractive space, so there is no need to go far in the hotel's own premises to meet all the needs of customers.

2.1. Sen Restaurant

Located on the 5th floor of the hotel with a capacity of up to 180 people, Sen restaurant features airy space with a pool view. The restaurant serves Vietnamese dishes, especially the "delicacies" of the Emperor since ancient times such as Nem Cong, Cha Phuong, Sen Rice, Long Nhan Sweet Soup, Cung Dinh Tea and Minh Mang Thang Wine. 
This restaurant also serves breakfast buffet for guests staying at the hotel with more than 50 diverse and rich dishes. The opening time of the breakfast buffet is 6h – 9h.

2.2. Lotus Restaurant

If you have visited Sen restaurant to enjoy Vietnamese food, the next meal you can "change the mood" through Lotus restaurant to experience a super romantic date with attractive European – Asian dishes such as Beefsteak, Spaghetti or Shashimi,...

3. Lotus Sky

This bar has a very spacious space with both outdoor and indoor areas. Especially, in the outdoor area, you can enjoy the romantic Perfume River and the historic Trang Tien Bridge.

4. Lotus House Coffee

Delicate with Lotus House Coffee, this is the place for you to experience the feeling of peace with the classic space. The design style is gentle but still impressive with white lotus vases that give visitors a warm moment with their loved ones.

5. Spa

Sen Spa has a fairly peaceful and quiet space, making the therapy also so easier and more relaxed. Sen Spa offers a sauna and steam therapy – the most effective treatment method both mentally and physically. Both of these therapies are used to help visitors relieve their body aches and pains, etc and help visitors relieve all stress and recharge an abundant source of new energy.


Their Fitness Center offers standard gym equipment including treadmills, fitness bicycles, and strength machines. The ideal venue to catch up with your exercise routine.

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