Coconut rice - Hue royal dish
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Photo: internet
To make this special dish, Hue locals use the deluxe rice and fresh coconut water. The newly-steamed rice is then mixed with sausage, shrimp, petis-pois bean, pork and Hue sausage.
Photo: internet

Before use, the mixed rice is put into the coconut and steamed. Diners should use a fork to directly take rice from the coconut. The dish is served with chili sauce. Particularly, kernel is not removed from the coconut during steaming process to increase the aroma and grease of the rice.

In Hue royal, xiem coconut - a special kind of coconut which is only able to contain a small amount of rice is used. When this royal dish becomes more popular, bigger coconut is used as people now not only want to enjoy the dish but also to be full.

As coconut rice is well seasoned before being steamed, no other sauce is needed. If diners do not want to eat mixed coconut rice, they can ask for their favorite dishes such as sausage, shrimp, pork or Hue sausage.

Diners are advised to eat every small spoonful of coconut rice slowly to enjoy the sweetness and fat of coconut milk and rice. The joy of eating coconut rice is that the dish is usually served in a half coconut shell instead of a bowl. The beautiful white coconut, coconut aroma may awake every sense.