Hue sticky rice wine
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Gastronomy is a part of Hue culture. It shows locals' personality, behavior and life style. According to researcher Le Nguyen Luu who has over 1000 studies on Hue history and culture, Hue dining is a form of culture and is divided into royal gastronomy and folk gastronomy.

One of Hue delicious folk dishes is Hue sticky rice wine also known as wine rice. It is an alcoholic dish made in traditional fermentation method. To make this dish, only the high quality sticky rice called hoa vang (golden flower) is used. The sticky rice is washed, soaked in water for 8 hours. Then, it is packed in thin fabric and steamed for the first time. When the sticky rice turns to transparent, it is soaked in salt water and drained in 3 minutes. After being steamed for the second time, steamed sticky rice is laid in a tray and mixed with well ground yeast. Next, the mixture is compressed and kept in a closed rectangular box in dry place for 3 days for fermentation. Three days later, the fermented sticky rice is cut into small squares and put in a clean jar. Then, some syrup (500ml water: 200gram sugar) is added. The dish is ready to use when the fermented sticky rice emerges from the syrup.

According to Hue gastronomy experts, Hue sticky rice wine is not only a summer dessert which brings a brand-new experience, but also a healthy dish. Hue sticky rice wine helps prevent diabetes, strengthens body, keeps cardiology healthy, stimulates digestion, lowers cholesterol, improves immune system and prevents dangerous deceases. For its typical flavor and health benefits, Hue sticky rice wine is a must-try dish in Hue.

Hue sticky rice wine tastes better with ice