Diamond Coffee
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Diamond Coffee
Meeting place with friends enjoying a cool drink, and taking pictures of each other to remember the times of coming here in the heart of the poetic city of Hue
Diamond Coffee
Address: 27 Tran Quang Khai, Hue City
Opening Time: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Status: Active

If you are a fan of social media, Diamond Coffee is the ideal place to check in. Although the space is small, each corner is used to decorate super pretty. The quiet, gentle, slow vibe of the shop partly depicts the personality of the ancient capital, so every time to Hue, beautiful scenery and people here have been holding the foot of tourists far away. In the heart of the romantic city of Hue, with a friend enjoying a cup of cool drinks, take some photos of each other as something to remind you of the times you come here.


Diamond Coffee has a floor with 2 front and back compartments that are quite spacious and comfortable. The design is bold muse style, rustic with some check-in corners in front of the door and the inside is very beautiful. On the front and inside of the restaurant, there are green trees, so it feels quite airy and pleasant, whether it is winter or sunny summer.

Experience Guide:

* Menu:
Diamond Coffee has a wide variety of drinks coffee, tea, and ice cream.. and each dish is made very well. The best seller of the shop is Egg Coffee, Red Diamond, Lychee Tea, and Orange Tea so diners should not miss them when arriving at the restaurant. In particular, the drink is also decorated very beautifully and attractive. The price of drinks at Diamond Coffee is not too expensive, and very suitable for young people with limited finances. 

* Staff attitude
The staff at Diamond Coffee is very enthusiastic and friendly. In particular, you will hear the voice of the original Hue girl, just as gentle as the personality of Hue girls.

** The plus point of Diamond Coffee is it brings gentle space, melodious songs to the ears, and countless photo angles. Every time you come to Hue, visiting coffee shops is always the first choice of tourists from far away. Settle a little peace in the quiet and poetic Hue ancient capital. Let your soul drift silently to think of all the beautiful things that are happening.