Nhi Do Mai Tea - The peace of a meditation place
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Nhi Do Mai Tea - A space to preserve traditional flower tea making. Specializing in Snowshan tea and Scented tea, especially Mai-Moc-Sen tea of Hue
Address: Alley 26 houses 3 Nguyen Thien Thuat - Hue city
Opening Time: 07:00 - 22:00 daily

In Hue, there is a tea house that those who love tea ceremony can immediately refer to it as Nhi Do Mai Tea. Located in a small alley on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street ( Hue), Nhi Do Mai tea of talented artisan Tran Thi Thanh Nhi has long been the destination of tea lovers who not only want to enjoy the unique tea flavors by the hands of the artisans "practicing incense" but also to contemplate nature, people, life through each "story" of tea. In particular, the tranquil atmosphere and pristine beauty of Nhi Do Mai Tea create a sense of purity for visitors. This serene environment helps guests effortlessly shed the burdens of daily life, allowing their minds to find peace in every moment.

About Tea Artisans - Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Nhi is also the founder of Nhi Do Mai Tea

Tea artist Tran Thi Thanh Nhi is currently a PhD, Lecturer in Literature, Hue University of Education. She was born and raised in Quang Binh, but has a deep love for the ancient land of Hue. Tea with Artisans – Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Nhi chose each other from grace. Perhaps, the love of tea began from her own sweet childhood memory with her grandfather - a tea lover and also a tea connoisseur. It can be derived from the concept of "gratitude", "repayment" for the land of Hue, which has conquered and changed her person. It is not excluded that through tea, the female artist has found a way to contemplate and understand more than people, people and life, so that she can "refine" herself to become more and more perfect. In the tea world, Tran Thi Thanh Nhi is one of three Vietnamese artisans selected to participate in the 2020, World Tea Competition, held in China. Previously, in 2019, she surpassed 20 artisans across the country to win the first prize in the "Tea and accompaniment" contest, the second prize in the "Tea tasting" contest at the Vietnam Tea Preparation Competition in Ha Giang.

Tea artisan - Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Nhi


Nhi Do Mai Tea Space

Nhi Do Mai Tea is located peacefully and quietly on a small alley inside Hue citadel. The first impression of many people when coming to Hien Tra Nhi Do Mai is the restaurant space: A little old, a little ancient all create a very simple and elegant space extremely suitable for enjoying tea.

The space of Nhi Do Mai Tea is ancient and peaceful

Bamboo tables, tea trays, teapots are carefully selected, neatly arranged next to fresh flowers. In particular, at Nhi Do Mai Tea, guests can choose their own very private space and can easily interact with "tea friends" even if they only meet for the first time. Nhi Do Mai tea not only attracts local tourists but also welcomes many foreign tourists to visit when they come to Hue. On each night of the 15th lunar month, Nhi Do Mai Tea organizes candlelight to create a quiet space to infinity, bringing closer cohesion for tea guests who both enjoy tea in the gentle candlelight and enjoy the full moon.

Enjoying tea while watching the peaceful Nhi Do Mai Tea space

Inside the space of Nhi Do Mai Tea Terrace is very quiet and airy

Experience Guide:

The unique taste of many types of tea is refined in Nhi Do Mai Tea

Nhi Do Mai tea is famous for teas such as Tien Cot tea - from the material of White tea Con Linh Ha Giang is smelted with incense with white lotus rice of Hue ancient varieties (tea helps to sleep well), Suong Moc - from the material of Snowshan tea, Lung Phin is smelted with the scent of Moc Que flowers of Hue, Suong Mai - from the material of Snowshan tea, the ancient tea of Ta Xua is smelted with the scent of Mai flowers of Hue ... along with many types of tea, for good sleep and health. 

The names given by the owner - tea artist Tran Thi Thanh Nhi make tea drinkers read and find extremely interesting and partly evoke the associations of the character and dignity of that tea when coming to Nhi Do Mai Tea Porch. Hai Do Mai tea is a world of teas from simple to high, from the mountains to the city. And especifically, tea guests will be directly observed the process of tea making, incubating scent of artisan Tran Thi Thanh Nhi, thereby understanding the harmonious harmony between tea - water - mind - so ... to then test out tea is not a product, tea is a work crystallized from the essence of nature, creation, and human love as well as the process of drinking tea is not the reception into the body but it is feeling.

The art of marinating lotus, tea spices with lotus flavors at Nhi Do Mai Tea

The stages of incubating scent and brewing tea in Nhi Do Mai are directly carried out by the hands of the artist Thanh Nhi.

The process of wrapping lotus flowers with lotus leaves inside at Nhi Do Mai Tea

Finished products of Nhi Do Mai Tea

The tea products made by Nhi Do Mai are also known and loved by tea customers across the country because of the meticulousness in each stage from the preparation of raw materials (lotus, tea, rice, lotus picking time, tea picking, incense...) to the time to start making and wrapping.

Enjoying a cup of tea made by Nhi Do Mai is a reward for the thoughts that skillful hands are attached to each product.

Tea artist Thanh Nhi teaches how to raise a cup of tea for a young practitioner

Kham pha Hue hope Hien Tra Nhi Do Mai will be a meditation destination, a favorite address of tea guests near and far with the motto: quiet on arrival, peaceful on return.