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Featured products of Dinh Vien Tea
If you are wondering to find a new Hue specialty to bring back as a gift for relatives or friends, take a look at Dinh Vien Tea!
Featured products of Dinh Vien Tea
Address: 16/65 Hoang Quoc Viet, An Dong Ward, Hue City

Tea is made by hand, from selected, clean ingredients originating from Vietnam, with a food safety certificate, and product inspection -  good price with good quality. The product of Dinh Vien Tea is a combination of different herbs and sugar cane, the taste of the herbs is kept intact, backed by the sweet taste of sugar cane, bringing quite an interesting experience for the customers. 

Tea balls are a very suitable product to make travel gifts because there are many factors such as compact, eye-catching designs, many herbs to choose from, ease to prepare, just drop a tablet into a cup (thermos or warm) boiling water is used immediately. 

Dinh Vien tea is very good for health and especially the product is made from famous local products such as ginger, Hue lotus heart, red artichoke flower, and butterfly pea...

Tea is produced at the Workshop in Hue, in the land of the old capital with many herb farms. Moreover, the products have been granted traceability stamps through the camera on the smartphone, to clearly see how the "map" of the product is produced to help users feel secure when using the product. 

The BestSeller teas at Dinh Vien Tea are listed as :

- Ginger Tea King Offering
- Lotus, Jasmine Heart Tea
- Red Artichoke Flower Tea
- Butterfly pea Tea
- Mint, Jasmine Tea

Dinh Vien Tea products are always ready to meet the needs of retail or wholesale customers in large quantities. In addition, Dinh Vien Tea also processes tea according to the preferences of customers. 

Dinh Vien Tea is a brand of Vietnamese goods with 100% Vietnamese brands, and clean materials. Each tea is a color, 100% natural, without additives, flavors and preservatives. 

* Using Dinh Vien Tea products is very simple: drop 1 cube into a cup, teapot, thermos...capacity from 200 - 300ml of boiling water 80 - 85 degrees Celsius, stirring for the tea to dissolve and enjoy. (hot or iced)

* Product ingredients include: Alum sugar, herb flowers, (Heart lotus, Ginger, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Sweetgrass, Mint, Red artichoke, Butterfly pea,... )

* Customers should store the best products in the refrigerator compartment, in a dry and cool place, and avoid direct sunlight with the shelf life: of 1 year from the date of manufacture. 

Customers can mix the flavors together upon need. 

Many customers choose Dinh Vien Tea as a gift and use it every day because:

- Dinh Vien Tea has a full certificate of product quality
- Dinh Vien Tea has a barcode for customers to check with the icheck application when buying
- Dinh Vien Tea is free to return if there is a fault in the product
- Dinh Vien Tea has a QR code if customers want to trace their origin. 

Customers can contact us to buy or refer to Dinh Vien products at the following addresses:

- Showroom: 16/65 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hue
- Souvenirs Shop at Phu Bai Hue airport
- Thien Huong Specialty, 20 Chi Lang, Hue
- Hue Souvenir Shop, 45 Le Loi, Hue
- Hue Gift Shop Online, 6 Ngan Gate, Hue (next to Nguyen Hoang bus station)
- Hue Ancient Capital Specialty Shop, 91 Bui Thi Xuan, Hue