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VEN - Tram Hue
Those who love the flavor of Hue agarwood definitely do not ignore the VEN – Tram Hue brand with agarwood products made from completely natural ingredients!
VEN - Tram Hue
Address: 14/46 Nguyen Gia Thieu, Hue City


Since ancient times, the burning of incense, burning agarwood pots daily has become common in people's life. The meaning of burning incense - agarwood is not only good spiritually but also has many effects on human health that are handed down and preserved to this day.

It is no coincidence that Hue is known as a spiritual land, once the Buddhist capital of Vietnam. Because in the past, this place was a sacred place, the capital of the Nguyen kings with hundreds of temples and shrines. And the beauty of traditional culture - the practice of burning incense on the ancestral altar has been deeply ingrained in the thinking of the people of the capital for many generations. Through the formation and development, the incense bundles of Hue are still produced by manual methods. They all create a unique flavor that is rarely found anywhere else. And VEN - Tram Hue is one of the Hue standard agarwood brands that many customers have trusted for more than 30 years.

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Agarwood is created by the scent of heaven flying with the wind, landing on the wounds on the agarwood tree, blending into the sap flowing from that wound, and molded over time to form agarwood - containing the spirit of heaven and earth. The traditional way of making agarwood from the new agarwood tree brings the most authentic frankincense oil essence to the savor. VEN - Hue Agarwood is committed to more than 30 years of experience in making agarwood, VEN - Hue Agarwood will bring you the best quality products, the most pure, absolutely not using fragrance or chemical odor.

- COMPLETELY natural with 98% raw material from agarwood tree, 2% adhesive from Boi Loi tree

- Do not use flavoring, synthetic chemicals

- Helps users reduce stress, relax mentally, softly fragrance

- Deodorize mold, and purify the air.

The outstanding product lines of VEN - Hue Agarwood include:

- Agarwood incense

- Agarwood incense buds

- Along with the type of incense burner unique and diverse models.


Experience Guide:

Burn an agarwood bud, to find peace...

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Try Hue Agarwood from Ven's house, to experience it in the most wonderful way.

Ven - Hue Agarwood receives nationwide shipping with a preferential support policy.