"Enjoying Tea in Hue Imperial Palace” Experiencing Royal Splendor and Fragrant Serenity
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Hoàng Cung Huế, or the Imperial City of Huế, is renowned for its exquisite beauty, magnificent palaces, and astonishing historical artifacts. However, few people are aware of a unique and refined tradition that takes place within its walls - the royal tea appreciation in Hoàng Cung. Let's explore this tea tour and experience the royal grandeur combined with the serene fragrance of lotus-scented tea.
Address: Hue Monuments Conservation Center

Lotus Blossoms - The Royalty of Hue Imperial Palace

Hoàng Cung Huế is adorned with enchanting pink and pale purple lotus blossoms, resembling the majestic tail feathers of phoenixes in a graceful dance. The petals of the lotus curve and cluster together like lanterns, creating exquisite and alluring floral garments.

The lotus blossom is not only a beautiful symbol but also holds significance in art and poetry. Alongside the lotus, the white lotus in Hoàng Cung blooms elegantly. The lotus is not only a symbol of Hue's culture and spirituality but also intimately connected to its gastronomy. Lotus-scented tea carries a unique and pure flavor.

The Tradition of Royal Tea Appreciation in Hue Imperial Palace

In the past, the Imperial City of Huế boasted a distinct tradition of enjoying tea infused with the aroma of lotus blossoms. This was achieved by placing tea leaves into newly bloomed lotus flowers. The Tịnh Tâm Lake, reserved exclusively for preparing tea for the Emperor, was where the unique flavor of lotus tea was created. The tea leaves were left to infuse within the flowers overnight, absorbing the delicate fragrance of the lotus.

The next morning, the tea was harvested, delivering a cup of tea with a pure and rich lotus aroma. The refined tradition of lotus tea appreciation originated from the Nguyen Dynasty. Every morning, the king would embark on a royal boat to the Lotus Lake, collecting dewdrops from the lotus leaves, and brewing it with the previously soaked tea leaves.

Experiencing Tea Appreciation and Admiring the Beauty of Hue Imperial Palace

Come and experience the royal tea appreciation in Hoàng Cung Huế, where you can marvel at the beauty of the lotus blossoms and the white lotus. You will indulge in a cup of hot, sweet tea that reflects the sophisticated essence of the Huế people. Experience the refreshing fragrance of lotus-scented tea while enjoying the sight of floating lanterns gently flickering on the water's surface.

The tea tour within the Imperial City of Huế promises unforgettable experiences and memories. Contact the Center for Conservation of Huế's Imperial Relics to arrange a tour and partake in this tea appreciation experience.

Visit Huế and immerse yourself not only in its historical and cultural beauty but also in the refined experiences such as the royal tea appreciation in Imperial Palace.


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Photo by Bao Minh