La Vela Hue Hotel
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La Vela Hue Hotel
Enjoy world-class service with La Vela Hue Hotel
La Vela Hue Hotel
Address: 17 Southeast Thuy An, Street No. 22, Thuy Duong, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien Hue.
Opening Time: 24/7
Status: Opening
Free Breakfast
Free Wifi
Parking Lot
Meeting/Event Services
Children Playground
Scheduled Airport Transfers

Located in Hue city, 4,9 km from Trang Tien Bridge, La Vela Hue Hotel with 17-floor architecture as a journey through time, is an architectural masterpiece with classic romance mixed with modern elegance. The beauty of La Vela Hue Hotel is the perfect blend, the essence of the design space integrated with the beautiful scenery at dawn on the poetic Tam Giang lagoon or the quiet quiet scenery of Hue city in the afternoon.

Each room at La Vela Hotel Hue is carefully prepared from essential to everyday items. Facilities in the room include flat-screen satellite TV, air conditioning, kettle, private bathroom with hairdryer, wardrobe,...

In addition, La Vela Hotel Hue also offers the most facilities such as infinity pool on the 17th floor, restaurant, free parking, fitness center, bar, conference room,…

The hotel also has free WiFi throughout the building and maximum support from the 24-hour reception. Not only that, but this place also equips and serves a series of outstanding services and amenities such as restaurants, bars, and high-end spas. In addition, the professional staff recruited and trained by La Vela Hue Hotel promises to help visitors enjoy every moment of great relaxation and freshness.

La Vela Hue Hotel promises to be an ideal destination for tourists to travel, and explore Hue Ancient Capital.


Accommodation in La Vela Hue Hotel

With an area of about 28m2, Deluxe is an ideal room for 2 guests staying with a design equipped with 1 double bed or 2 single beds with services and amenities such as TV, wifi, coffee, tea, air conditioning,…In addition, the room also has a private balcony that is exceptionally airy and spacious, it is a comfortable place to help you have moments enjoying a cup of tea while watching the beauty of the city full of fanciful, dreamy.

Luxury  (Twin/King)
Come to the luxury room.  (Twin/King)  at La Vela Hotel Hue, guests will enjoy a more spacious and airy space with a total area of up to 38m2 and extremely neat and delicate decor. Besides, the room is also the ideal room to help you see the whole city from the balcony, with a simple but sophisticated design, Luxury  (Twin/King) is also an ideal choice for couples of friends and relatives to stay and relax together.

Premier (Twin/King)
Premier (Twin/King) with a balcony overlooking the city owns a large area of up to 50m2, a suitable place to embrace all the natural light of Hue city. The room is equipped with 1 double bed or 2 single beds with elegant colors and exquisite and modern interior space, Premier (Twin/King) is determined to be one of the smart rooms, ideal for 2 guests.

As the second most luxurious room class at La Vela Hue Hotel, La Vela Suite owns an extremely spacious area of up to 75m2, including 1 bedroom, a living area, and a balcony full of wind from above. Moreover, the design of this room class is completely separate from the bustle and noise of the city, ensuring you a peaceful and quiet living space.

Facilities of La Vela Hue Hotel
Infinity Pool
Like a green oasis with an infinity pool design overflowing shore, La Vela Hotel Hue swimming pool is proud to be a place of relaxation, full of class with a comprehensive view of the city from afar. From this beautiful, magnificent location, visitors can soak in the cool, pure water, while sipping, and enjoying a fresh, sweet cocktail drink, which will surely bring you sublimated and memorable experiences.

Cuisine Restaurant

With a sophisticated design, the restaurant system at La Vela Hue Hotel will bring guests a variety of cuisines from home to abroad, from traditional Vietnamese dishes to modern Asian-European and Western dishes. In particular, visitors do not need to travel far, they can enjoy the experience and the diverse culinary space at restaurants such as Mermaid Restaurant, Herb & Spices Restaurant, Rare Restaurant.

Mermaid Restaurant

Mermaid Restaurant located on the 04th floor of La Vela Hue Hotel will serve the seafood buffet under meticulous processing, exquisite from the talented chefs combined with space, cool and beautiful street scene, will surely make you immersed in the heavenly beauty of the world full of quintessence and specialty.

Oriental Restaurant

Oriental Restaurant with open space design, featuring Japanese garden and Koi pond; promises to bring you unique experiences. The restaurant specializes in serving Alacarte dishes or set menus suitable for individual and group guests.

Terrazza Rooftop Bar
Located on the rooftop of La Vela Hue hotel – with open space design, airy and extremely luxurious.

Located on the rooftop of La Vela Hue hotel - with an open space design, airy and extremely luxurious.

Chic Spa
With a combination of cozy space and special relaxation programs, Chic Spa is committed to bringing the best experience to you after a long and tiring day.

As a combination of cozy space and special relaxation treatments, Chic Spa is committed to bringing the best experience to you after a long tiring day.

Club Gym
With the design of open space and a variety of equipment, exercise equipment, Club Gym will help you regenerate energy after a long trip or business trip.




La Vela Hue Hotel is famous for being a 5-star standard hotel built and designed in a luxurious and modern style. With elegant, courteous white tones and highly meticulous and delicate decor, every resort space at this hotel is surprised and impressed by the lovely and beautiful beauty that is hard to ignore. And yet, the room types at La Vela Hue Hotel all possess incredibly spacious and airy balconies. Therefore, this will be the perfect place for visitors to zoom out and admire the whole scenery of Hue City in the daytime and shimmering, splendid in the middle of the night.

Besides, in addition to the aesthetics and design style of the hotel's scale, and sophistication, La Vela Hue Hotel also received a lot of appreciation from tourists about the resort space here. In other words, in addition to the moments immersed in the beauty of luxury and class, this hotel is also a place to give visitors a sense of relaxation, easy to calm with an extremely spacious space, airy, will definitely make you satisfied.

Route Guide:

La Vela Hue Hotel is currently located at 17 Southeast Thuy An, Street No. 22, Thuy Duong, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien Hue. Although not located right in the city center, from La Vela Hue Hotel visitors can easily visit and explore many other famous and attractive attractions such as:

•    An Dinh Palace: 2,5 km

•    Thanh Toan Roofed-tile Bridge: 3,3 km

•    Trang Tien Bridge: 3,9 km

•    Thuong Bac Park: 4,2 km

•    Ho Chi Minh Museum: 4,2 km

•    Hue Palace Museum of Antiquities: 4,7 km

•    Hue Imperial City: 5 km

•    Tu Duc Mausoleum: 6 km

•    Minh Mang Mausoleum: 9 km

•    Dong Ba Market: 5,4 km

And the nearest airport is Phu Bai International Airport, 10 km from La Vela Hue Hotel.

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