Senna Hue Hotel
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Luxurious and airy Senna Hotel Hue
Located in the heart of Hue city, just 14 km from Phu Bai Airport, with a classic modern design, Senna Hue hotel offers a lot of luxury services.
Luxurious and airy Senna Hotel Hue
Address: 07 Nguyen Tri Phuong street, Hue city, Vietnam
Free Breakfast
Free Wifi
Parking Lot
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Senna Hue owns 129 rooms with modern equipment, full facilities and attentive service. This Hue hotel is very suitable for long stay or business trips with private and comfortable resting space. Surrounding the hotel are greeneries, creating an airy space as well as a private spot to attract visitors who want to blend in with nature and ancient beauty.


- Located in the center of Hue city, near the Imperial Citadel, Truong Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market and other famous tourist attractions.

- French style combined with architectural culture and Hue art evokes the elegance that is not influenced by the time of a past era.

- Experience great cuisine, with Hue cuisine in traditional family style, mixed with contemporary.


Inspired by the original French style and combined with the architectural and artistic culture of Hue, the historic Senna Hue Hotel retains the sustainable values from the 14th-18th centuries. Located in the heart of Hue city, with a classic modern design, Senna Hue hotel offers a variety of luxurious services. The trapezoidal tiled roof combined with crimson facade and square building are the hallmarks of French historical architecture in Hue. There is a Koi fish pond at the entrance to the tropical garden, the hotel offers a peaceful, relaxing getaway.

With 129 bedrooms and suites, Senna Hue Hotel is equipped with modern equipment, suitable for guests to relax, travel for business or attend conferences. All rooms exude the luxurious modernity of a spacious, mineral hotel, with an emphasis on design inspired by the atmosphere of a bygone era.

The design style of Senna Hue Hotel is inspired by the old French style, combined with the architecture of Hue culture. The hotel space still retains intact the values and breath of the years from the 14th to the 18th century in Hue. The space at Senna Hotel Hue is both ancient with classic beauty and luxurious beauty that is never outdated.

The highlight of the design of Senna Hue hotel is the trapezoidal tiled roof with the window frames and square architecture of the building. This is the classic design that you can find in any old French building.

From the outside to the inside, Senna Hue Hotel's spaces convey the ambience of a past era. 

Route Guide:

The road to Senna Hotel Hue is extremely easy thanks to its location right on the main road of Hue city. Visitors can completely come here with a taxi, personal transport or public transport. 

- Come to Hue, visitors also have a lot of options, the most popular are planes, trains and buses. 

- Airplanes are the  the most popular transportation, used for remote travelers such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Most airlines are operating direct flights with short time and reasonable price. From Phu Bai airport, Hue, you can take a taxi to return to the hotel. 

- Trains are favorite transportations lately. This experience gives visitors time to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the road with many wonderful scenery.

- Bus is the perfect choice for those who move to Hue from neighboring provinces. This is the safest means of transportation with the most economical price of the above vehicles.

Experience Guide:


* Superior Room

This is the most basic room type at Senna Hotel Hue with an area of 40m2/room. This type of room is designed with 1 large double bed or 2 single beds with all the necessary amenities such as television, desk, furniture,…

Each room will have its own balcony where visitors can relax, enjoy a hot cup of tea, a bit of cake and watch the ancient and poetic city of Hue. 

* Deluxe Room

This room type at Senna Hue Hotel has an area of up to 45m2/room with full facilities like Superior room type. However, with more space, you can experience a room with a door connected to the segregated living space. This room type has a private balcony with direct view of the city below or garden view located in the hotel. 

* Premier Room

This is an outstanding room type with the difference in area compared to the two types of rooms mentioned above. At Senna Hue Hotel, this room type has an area of up to 67m2 with a capacity for up to 4 guests. Designed with 2 double beds, suitable for a family or group of friends to travel together. When choosing a premier room to stay at Senna Hue, visitors will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the city with bustle in the morning and tranquility at night.

* Executive Suite Room

This is one of the most advanced rooms at Senna Hue hotel with an area of 86m2/room. The room is divided into several small rooms with different purposes. The living room with a luxurious classic sofa will be a unique and impressive place to receive guests. Bedrooms with double beds will be the ideal place to rest after a long day of visitors. In addition, the bathroom at this room type is designed with a large, spacious bathtub. The private balcony with drinking table and chairs will definitely be an ideal place for visitors to see the whole city and the sea when staying at the executive suite of Senna Hue Hotel.

Presidential Suite Room

This is the most luxurious room at Senna Hotel Hue with an area of up to 335m2/room. The room is designed and built with two interconnected floors. The room is fully designed as an apartment with living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. The facilities in the presidential suite will surely bring the perfect experience for guests staying here. 

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