• "Roasted Pork Sweet Soup" - a unique and delicious dish that visitors should not miss when coming to Huế.
    "Sweet soup" is a familiar dish of Vietnamese people, appearing throughout the country's three regions. In each region, sweet soup is varied in many different ways, ranging from ingredients to flavors. Huế is also considered one of the "centers" of unique sweet soups. There are even some exotic sweet soup dishes that diners can only experience in the ancient capital region. One of those dishes is Roasted Pork Sweet Soup.
  • In the lunar month of January, when kumquats ripen discreetly on the branches in the old garden, it is also the time when Tet comes and spring arrives. The capable grandmothers and mothers of Huế province showcase their culinary skills in the kitchen with the specialty of candied kumquats.
  • The birthplace of this unique dessert is Gò Công (now part of Tiền Giang province), but it was elevated to an art form during the Nguyễn dynasty, particularly under the reign of Emperor Minh Mạng.
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    To make this special dish, Hue locals use the deluxe rice and fresh coconut water. The newly-steamed rice is then mixed with sausage, shrimp, petis-pois bean, pork and Hue sausage.
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    Lotus seed and logan sweet soup has been widely known. Once diners taste the dish, they may never forget the fragrance of lotus seed and the light sweetness of logan. Lotus seeds used for Hue lotus sweet soup are the fresh ones.
  • Beautiful roses have been shaped
    I call it ‘rose dumplings’ – I have a reason for this. It is the carefully shaped colorful rose petals Le Thi Thanh Huong made in each dumpling that left a strong feeling on me, and I felt warm and cozy all that cold afternoon.
  • From green beans, glutinous rice or arrowroots, the talented hands of a Hue woman can turn them into different types of cakes to serve guests and to offer to their ancestors during the Tet holiday.
  • The Royal Dinner incl. serving traditional music show in Song Huong Floating Restaurant and on the Dragon Boat on the Perfume.
  • A place of royal and traditional Hue culture
  • Discovering how life was in the Royal time by enjoying the "Royal meal" as well as listening to the traditional music is a must activity when you visit Hue City. This great experience can not be found any where else in Vietnam and convince you to come back to this beautiful city again and again!
  • Ancient and poetic scene of Y Thao Garden restaurant
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    Address: 03 Thach Han Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City
    Y Thao Garden is located at 03 Thach Han Street, which is a suitable place for those who love and are passionate about learning the architecture and cuisine of Hue.