25 Things That Make Me Love Hue So Much
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Hue Wooden Bridge
Come to Hue, enjoy Hue, and love Hue from the bottom of our hearts
Hue Wooden Bridge

Come to Hue, enjoy Hue, and love Hue from the bottom of our hearts

Check in Cầu gỗ Lim, Huế

Check in at Hue Wooden Brigde

1. From the South to Hue, you can go by train, the passage through Hai Van Pass is so beautiful

2. Don't know what to have for breakfast because there is a lot to choose from beef vermicelli, mussel vermicelli, noodles, Loc cake, bread,...

3. Hue rain is very sad, but sitting watching the rain, listening to Trinh's music and drinking a cup of coffee, that's all you need

4. The sunset is so beautiful, so beautiful that people forget their own sadness

5. The Citadel is very large, with many places to check in, worried that you're only halfway there and you want to come back already

6. In Hue, there are billions of coffee shops that are both beautiful and chill: Tan, Thanh, Giao, Tron, SMLXL,...

7. Hue people talk very friendly and pleasant

8. Who comes to Hue without trying salted coffee is what a pity

9. Go to Hue and enjoy taking pictures with Ao Dai and conical hats

10. Motorbike riding in Hue is enjoyable because there are shady roads on both sides of the river in 4 poetic seasons

11. Go to Dong Ba market to bargain comfortably (gentle, and polite is okay)

12. Hue has famous fruits such as Truoi strawberry, Pompelo Thuy Bieu, Kim Long mangosteen...

13. The mountains and hills with many pine roads like Da Lat

14. If you have a loved one, just go to the Wooden Bridge to stroll and watch the sunset, the sunrise is romantic enough

15. Thien Mu pagoda is very enjoyable because right outside you can have Tao Pho while watching the river view

16. Looking at the Perfume River on Trang Tien Bridge at night

17. The homestay in Hue is also peaceful, poetic just like this city

18. On the full moon, on the first day of the new moon in Hue, everywhere you go, the smell of incense smoke is very warm, you can't feel the atmosphere anywhere but here

19. Spicy snails in Hue are delicious, stinging from the tip of the tongue to the stomach

20. Hatched egg must definitely be eaten when coming to Hue, few places have this delicious dish

21. Going to all the beautiful scenes in Hue appearing in the movie also takes the whole week

22. In the evening in Hue, there are still beef vermicelli, noodles, and Vietnamese bread,... do not worry about eating food from the morning

23. Hue has some beautiful garden houses, very peaceful, and must-try

24. In addition to vermicelli dishes, Hue also has 1001 other cakes, snacks, and sweet soups.

25. If you are heartbroken, there is Hue station, Foreigner Street, take a few drinks and forget everything

Thua Thien Hue Newspaper editorial office

An Dinh Palace 

Riverside Le Loi Park, Hue City

Huong Thuy Xuan Village, Hue

Vong Canh Hill, Hue