Top 10 Beautiful Homestays in Hue
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Top 10 Beautiful Homestays in Hue
All the homestays Kham pha Hue introduced below have good reviews from tourists and can meet the satisfied your staying and exploring the attractions in Hue.
Top 10 Beautiful Homestays in Hue

1. Hue Riverside Villa

Hue Riverside Villa is located on the banks of the peaceful and picturesque Nhu Y River, located on the background of the legendary Thon Vy village that has been recorded in national poetry for its charming rural landscape. From the windows of the hotel here, visitors can admire the activities of the fishermen and can even hear the gentle, attention-grabbing sound they generate when trying to chase the fish into their nets. All air-conditioned villas here are decorated in a traditional style with modern furniture and have a private balcony overlooking the river. Refrigerator, minibar and kettle are also available. Bath towels are also provided for guests. Hue River Side Villa also has a sun terrace.
- Address: 16/7 Nguyen Cong Tru,  TP. Hue City
- Phone: (+84) 234 381 80 18
- Fanpage: Hue Riverside Villa
- Room rate: 300.000 – 500.000 VND/room/night

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2. Tam Tinh Vien Homestay
Homestay Tam Tinh Vien Hue located next to the peaceful Perfume River not only gives visitors the convenience of visiting, and exploring the famous landscapes of Hue but also offers a wonderful private space, extremely close to nature. With a fresh and green atmosphere all year round, Homestay Tam Tinh Vien especially helps visitors enjoy the perfect relaxing moments, temporarily away from the noise and bustle of the crowded city. Tam Tinh Vien Homestay Hue is a great choice for those who love resort space. In addition to the feeling of relaxation, freedom to enjoy the natural space, enjoy the wonderful cuisine of Hue Ancient Capital such as Hue cakes, Hue beef noodles..., visitors can enjoy cooking in the kitchen at Tam Tinh Vien homestay as if they were in their own house.
- Address: 23 Tran Trong Nhan, Long Ho Ha village, Huong Tra commune, Hue City
- Phone: +84 91 401 99 83
- Email:
- Fanpage: Tam Tinh Vien Homestay
- Room rate: 480.000 – 550.000 VND/room/night

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3. Timothy Homestay

Timothy Homestay Hue - A magnificent and romantic castle. Located in the heart of the sweet city of Hue, Timothy Homestay Hue appears as a splendid, lovely and attractive "maiden". Homestay with 3-star standard with a diverse and comfortable room system combined with a photography studio and coffee shop makes visitors surprised when staying at a great stopover. Coming to Timothy Homestay Hue, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the space full of luxury, sophistication and splendor but still do not lose the inherent peace and gentle of Hue. Timothy Homestay Hue is a picture that intersects full of attractive highlights and will be a more perfect picture if you come here to experience the space and services to paint more unique lines for that picture. 
- Address: 34 Ngo Nhan Tinh, Phu Hau Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Province (Old address 35/485 Chi Lang, Phu Hiep, Hue City
- Phone: +84 98 350 38 93
- Email:
- Fanpage: Timothy Homestay - Hue
- Room rate: From 385.000 VND/room/night

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4. Forest Tag Homestay

Forest Tag Homestay is a small house in the heart of a peaceful city. Bring a completely new, modern style with white and blue mint harmony, so when entering this house you will feel very relaxed and comfortable. Outside the campus, there are also a lot of trees and pots that create a fresh atmosphere. Forest Tag Homestay is designed extremely impressive, green trees are planted everywhere, especially the green orchards are full of sweet fruits. Moreover, in this Homestay, there are many cute animals that are suitable for animal lovers. Not only has a green space but in Forest Tag Homestay also contains the peace to relax that any visitor wants on every holiday. Every early morning you can sit on the Forest Tag Homestay porch with a cup of steaming tea watching the green garden in the yellow sunshine or the raindrops are all wonderful, right? Homestay's bedroom is very cute, there is no balcony but in each room there are small swings with large transparent glass panels that reflect a blue world outside the door frame.
- Address: 56/31 Nguyen Cong Tru, Phu Hoi, Hue City
- Phone: +84 77 446 7375
- Email:
- Fanpage: Forest Tag Homestay
- Room rate: From 300.000 VND/room/night

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5. Bamboo Homestay

To Hue tourism, Homestay is an extremely interesting choice and brings many experiences for visitors. If you are a person who likes to travel with a group of friends or family, living in the same house will create more bonding and save memorable memories. Bamboo Homestay Hue with space is decorated in a gentle and rustic style, true Hue is a destination chosen by many Hue tourists when visiting and staying in the ancient capital. 
- Address: 56b Dien Bien Phu, Truong An, Hue City
- Room rate: From 280.000 – 600.000 VND/room/night
- Phone: 0935068547
- Email:
- Fanpage: Bamboo Homestay Hue

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6. TaBi Homestay

Tabi Homestay is chosen by many visitors thanks to its unique architecture and new design style. No bedroom using extremely creative caro pattern tiles, combined with the white tone of the wall color to create an accent that is both luxurious and sophisticated. Tabi Homestay is like a modern highlight in the heart of nostalgic Hue city. All the amenities of this Hue homestay will definitely make you admire.
- Address: 12/64 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hue City
- Phone: +84 38 919 9079
- Fanpage: Tabi Homestay Hue
- Room rate: From 400.000 VND/room/night

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7. To Vo Homestay

To Vo Homestay combines accommodation with a cafe, so there are many shooting corners for everyone. Featured here is the wide dome which takes the fresh green color as the main. The interior is rough, the decor details are simple but quite delicate. Variety of room types for travelers to choose from.
- Address: 31a Tran Quang Khai, Phu Hoi, Hue City
- Fanpage: To Vo Hostel & Coffee Hue
- Phone: +84 93 478 84 55
- Email:
- Room rate: From 450.000 VND/room/night

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8. Sahi Homestay

Located in a quiet little alley, Sahi Homestay Retreat is one of the most attractive places in Hue. Sahi Homestay was built to realize the owner's dream of a wonderful resort where visitors can relax and focus on meditation, in the quiet space of nature, of the land and sky. The architecture of Sahi Homestay Retreat is simply designed with recycled wood materials, giving it a comfortable and intimate space.
- Address: 27/245A Bui Thi Xuan, Hue City
- Phone: 0367800737
- Email:
- Facebook: Sahi Homestay Retreat
- Room rate: 700.000 – 1.500.000 VND/room/night

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9. Chill'in Vintage

The Chill Homestay In Hue owns a particularly gentle and sweet space as the spirit of Hue dreamland. Every little corner here is the extreme background, just pick up the camera and you have great photos. Therefore, homestay is currently one of the destinations attracting a large number of tourists to come here to relax and experience. Coming to The Chill Homestay In Hue, visitors can immerse themselves in a lively and youthful space. Each room of The Chill Homestay Hue has its own colors with the main color is pink and white, making any visitor who is tired or pressured to "fall" before this lovely. 
- Address: 18 Nguyen Sinh Khiem, Vy Da, Hue City
- Phone: +84 93 458 54 32
- Email:
- Fanpage: The Chill - Homestay Hue
- Room rate: From 600.000 VND/room/night

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10. Tram Homestay

Tram Homestay Hue is a great place for tourists to stay when visiting the ancient city of Hue. With traditional design combined with modern facilities, the homestay offers customers a cozy, comfortable and fully equipped space. With a prime location, the homestay is only 5 minutes away from Hue Imperial Citadel and Thien Mu Pagoda and very close to other attractions in the city. In addition, the homestay can also arrange for customers' tours at reasonable prices. The homestay has 5 bedrooms, all of which are fully equipped to ensure the comfort of the guests. Each room is uniquely decorated with traditional local art products. Homestay also has a large green garden where visitors can relax after a long day of sightseeing.
- Address: 30 Mai Khac Don, Kim Long, Hue City
- Email:
- Phone: +84 98 577 37 86
- Fanpage: Tram Homestay

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