Hue 5 Days 4 Nights Trip Review
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Vedana Resort Hue
An unexpected trip without much preparation, but Hue is still the same, and still brings many emotions, because of a very unique beauty of Hue.
Vedana Resort Hue

* What to prepare?

- Hanoi - Hue airfare: I hunt deal 8.8 on Traveloka, which is quite discounted, this time I see quite a good deal, so I keep hunting for tickets to travel on 7.7 - 8.8 occasions, one-way ticket is about 1500k.

- I booked a car right at the airport to Vedana Lagoon.

* Where to stay?

- The hotels and resorts are all on Traveloka's deal 8.8 so the price is quite good, a big plus when I am a person who quite often travels by plane and or book hotels to go out. 

- Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa: one of my favorite resorts in Vietnam, beautiful, luxurious, good service with many check-in corners. 

- I stay at a 2-bed Villa on the water, it's super chill watching the sunset beside the swimming pool. Vedana has a new series of villas on the water, each pool is a different color, and can't be more photogenic. There is also a large swimming pool, and an infinity pool, overlooking the lagoon.

- Vedana space is extremely green, cycling around the Resort under the trees is quite interesting, or you can call the resort's tram to the restaurant, and swimming pool.

- Pilgrimage Village, located about 5km from the center of Hue, is surrounded by green space. Nearby are Khai Dinh Mausoleum, Vong Canh Hill, Thuy Tien water park, Huong Thuy Xuan Village, Tu Duc Mausoleum...

- I have my own swimming pool in the room, the space is quite nice. 

- You can rent a motorbike at the door of Pilgrimage Village to walk around these mausoleums for convenience. Rental price 150k/bike (Airblade). 

- Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue: another amazing resort with many check-in corners, many games such as Zipline (with zipline slide from the mountain down more than 500m long, super high), Highwire (walking on wooden bars about 5-6m from the ground, with protective gear and rope so you do not need to worry about safety) quite interesting, in addition, you can wear Japanese Yukata to take pictures. The staff is enthusiastic and sophisticated. You can call a tram to go around the resort or ride a bike. 

- I live in a nice bungalow with 2 bedrooms, both bedrooms have a bathtub, in the middle is the living room with K+ to watch football.

- In addition to games, photo corners, you can take an onsen bath or spa here. 

- Meals in Alba are also a memorable experience with dishes with Central flavors, Hue specialties, or if you crave Pho like me, the morning buffet is also available for️ both days. I eat here in Alba, which is quite suitable for my taste, another plus point for Alba.

* What to play?

- Minh Mang mausoleum has many beautiful corners, we rent costumes and shoot for a few hours in here.

- Khai Dinh Mausoleum also has many beautiful corners, it is the right place to shoot the clips with a chilling vibe.

- An Dinh Palace, the setting of the movie Camellia Sisters 5 - a hot photography location. 

- Vong Canh Hill view is super chill

- Thuy Tien Water Park is known as one of the most macabre places in the world with many shooting spots. 

- Huong Thuy Xuan village, around is incense, colorful, eye-catching, the background of beautiful photos. 

- Thien An Monastery

- Phu Cam Church

- Hue Citadel: there are more than 100 outstanding architectural works such as Ngo Mon Gate (Meridian Gate), Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, Hung Mieu, The Mieu.

- Thien Mu Pagoda

- Quoc Hoc Hue High School

- Mat Biec Cafe

- Wooden bridge walking along the river.

* What to eat?

- Oc Dao: 14 Le Quang Dao, Xuan Phu, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

- Me Keo: Hue Beef noodles at 20 Bach Dang,  sold from 6h-9h, the broth here is bold and delicious

- Beo Nam Loc Cake Ba Do : 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem

- Huyen Anh grilled meat with spring rolls cake: 52/11 Kim Long

- Mr. Lac Sweet Soup: 36 Thanh Tinh

- Hue pressed cake: 118 Le Ngo Cat