Banh beo (Hue water fern cake)
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A tray of water fern cake (Photo: Internet)
Being known for its distinctive gastronomy, Hue locals has an elegant way of enjoying food. This special feature can be clearly shown through Banh beo (Hue water fern cake) - an irreplaceable specialty of Hue locals.
A tray of water fern cake (Photo: Internet)

Water fern cake is made from rice powder. Having been mixed with water, the mixture is put into small bowls and steamed. Before use, ground shrimp and vegetable oil are added on its surface to increase the flavor. Thanks to fresh shrimp, the sauce serving with water fern cake has an unforgettable sweetness and fat.

Coming to Hue, visitors can recognize how water fern cake is familiar to local daily life. About 3 - 5 o'clock in the afternoon, visitors can find street hawkers selling water fern cake and tapioca starches with shrimp. Hue locals love and get used to having this rustic dish for their snacks.

Visitors may also find many "Water fern cake street" around An Dinh palace, Ngu Binh street, Nguyen Binh Khiem street, etc. These are familiar destinations not only for Hue locals, but also visitors far and near. If you have a chance to visit Hue, you definitely should enjoy this must-try specialty.