Hue Ginger Jam
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The ginger jam is known for its spiciness, small ginger slices, and dark color. During the traditional Tet holiday, amidst various types of jams available, ginger jam is considered essential. Among the countless varieties of ginger jams from the three regions of Vietnam, Huế's ginger jam remains a distinct brand with an unparalleled flavor that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Ginger Jam from Huế – An Irreplaceable Specialty During Tet

Ginger jam from Huế is inherently fragrant and spicier than ginger jams from other regions. It is made from Tuần ginger, cultivated in the stony hills to the northwest of Huế city. This ginger variety is grown at the crossroads of the Tả and Hữu branches of the Perfume River. Though Tuần ginger is small, it exudes a strong aroma and a rich flavor. Harvested in the lunar month of January, when the ginger is just right—not too young or too old—it is then processed into ginger jam.

The primary ingredients are fresh Tuần ginger, neither too young nor too old, combined with white sugar. This simple yet authentic combination results in ginger jam with a captivating flavor that captivates the senses. Ginger jam is a traditional gift that has always been present on the Tet tray of every Vietnamese family, from ancient times to the present day.

In the spring days, with the cool breeze of the spring wind and a gentle drizzle, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting with family, and relatives, sharing stories, and savoring sweet pastries and the pleasantly spicy ginger jam.

How to Enjoy Ginger Jam in Style

Ginger jam has become one of the traditional foods, contributing to the traditional Tet flavor. It goes beyond being just a dish; ginger jam helps us find a sense of warmth in the family, presenting itself as a cultural feature of the Vietnamese Tet.

Huế's ginger jam comes in various forms, such as traditional sliced ginger jam, chewy ginger jam, whole ginger jam, etc. Huế's ginger jam has a sweet and gentle taste, accompanied by a mild spicy flavor and the strong fragrance of fresh ginger. Each bite reveals a unique and unforgettable taste.

An interesting way to eat ginger jam is to let it dissolve until the sugar is gone to savor the sweetness. Then, enjoy the spicy ginger inside, which undoubtedly brings a different and delightful sensation.

People often enjoy ginger jam with hot tea to combine the spicy and sweet flavors of the jam with the bitterness of tea, creating an extremely enchanting aftertaste that is hard to forget.

The Wonderful Benefits of Ginger Jam

Regular consumption of ginger jam can bring about significant health benefits. Here are some advantages:

   - Ginger helps prevent motion sickness, reduces dizziness and headaches, and promotes relaxation and comfort.
   - Eating Huế's ginger jam during cold and windy weather can warm the nose and throat, preventing wind-induced illnesses and seasonal colds.
   - For cases of lingering cold, fever without sweating, and digestive disorders, you can suck on ginger jam or eat roasted ginger, or drink ginger tea to relieve symptoms, warm the body, and reduce pain.
   - Ginger contains 12 antioxidant compounds, which can slow down the aging process. For women, consuming ginger and ginger jam regularly can contribute to slowing down aging.
   - Regarding the cardiovascular system, ginger can inhibit ATPase enzymes, stimulate the heart's nerves, increase heart rate, dilate blood vessels, enhance circulation, warm the body, and reduce pain.
   - Ginger controls the growth of cancer cells and alleviates the nausea and vomiting of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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