Lien Hoa vegetarian restaurant
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Lien Hoa Restaurant is an attractive place for all visitors to Hue, if you want to enjoy excellent vegetarian dishes.
Address: 03 Le Quy Don, Phu Hoi district, Hue province
Opening Time: 6:00Am - 9:00PM

Lien Hoa vegetarian rice restaurant in Tue Tinh Lien Hoa was built by Tue Tam monk 4 years ago at 3 Le Quy Don, Hue City. Located in the campus of Tue Tinh Lien Hoa with houses made of bamboo and rustic raw materials, Lien Hoa has become a destination for not only vegans but also locals and tourists.

Experience Guide:

The restaurant has an extremely rich menu with about 150 vegetarian dishes with prices ranging from 5,000-50,000 VND / dish. There are dishes exclusively for foreign tourists such as bread curries, sandwiches with mayonnase sauce along with other rustic vegetarian dishes such as dry noodle soup, green tea, fried rice, lotus tea, salad with love and affection, mixed salad with fate... Right from the name of the restaurant, it is a healthy vegetarian rice, so the dishes here are processed to target The first purpose is to cure disease. Most of the dishes are made from clean vegetables and fruits of clear origin, without the preparation of harmful additives and minimizing the use of MSG. Since its opening until now, Lien Hoa has always attracted a large number of customers, especially on the 30th, 1st and 14th, 15th of the lunar month, sometimes even serving 300-400 visitors/day.

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