Tinh Vegetarian Garden
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Tinh Vegetarian Garden - a place to honor and preserve the beauty of vegetarian food culture of Hue.
Address: 140 Phan Boi Chau, Truong An Ward, Hue City (Next to Tu Dam Pagoda)
Opening Time: Always open

Tinh Vegetarian Garden is proud to be the ideal place for those who love and appreciate vegetarian cuisine. With enthusiasm and passion, Tinh has portrayed a pure space, imbued with ancient Hue. 

At Tinh Vegetarian Garden, each vegetarian dish is made from fresh ingredients, along with a delicate combination of traditional spices, creating a unique and attractive flavor that is unparalleled.

Tinh Vegetarian Garden is proud to bring you delicious meals, while helping spread the message of divine love and respect for life.

Quiet, light and airy space at Tinh vegetarian restaurant 140 Phan Boi Chau, Hue City


With a team of experienced and dedicated chefs, Tinh Vegetarian Garden is committed to not only vegetarian cuisine, but also those who preserve and spread the beauty of Hue's traditional culinary culture.

Vegetarian dishes are beautifully prepared and hygienic and nutritious at Tinh vegetarian restaurant - 140 Phan Boi Chau, Hue City

With a sincere and dedicated service style, Tinh Vegetarian Restaurant always brings you delicious, pure and especially healthy meals.

Experience Guide:

Not only on vegetarian days but in the daily rice tray, birthday party, worship tray,... Tĩnh is also ready to provide diners with the following services:

* Bring Tinh home

Dedicated to home parties with a cozy feel. Tinh ensures the quality of food, the taste is always perfect as when enjoying at the restaurant. 

* Ancestor worship set

The offering tray with quality, delicious, delicious vegetarian dishes will replace you with the most sincere heart and memory of your ancestors. 

* Party on request

With set menus dedicated to the party, backdrop setup support, birthday-themed candle flowers, longevity,...

* Daily rice portion

The varied menu is renewed day by day, offering a convenient and nutritious meal. In particular, Tĩnh has a home delivery service, not to mention sunshine and rain. 

If you have the opportunity to set foot in Hue and want to enjoy a vegan meal, do not forget to visit Vegan Tinh restaurant - where you can immerse yourself in the traditional space of Hue and enjoy the best vegetarian food. And more than that, Tinh is also a small peaceful complex in the heart of Hue, where vegetarian restaurants converge – Homestay – Coffee so if you simply want to find a quiet place, airy space, gentle and enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of fresh juice, Tinh is also a destination you remember to pay attention to.

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