Chan May - Lang Co aims to become a driving force urban
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Great resort tourism projects are invested in Chan May - Lang Co

CM-LC economic zone with about 27,108 ha; in which, there are five main functional areas including Port, Industrial, Non-tariff, Urban and Tourist Areas.
In the planning approved by the Prime Minister for constructing the central key economic region, CM-LC is oriented to become a Grade-III urban area.  The Provincial People's Committee has a detailed plan on constructing the Chan May urban area with development nature as an important urban area of the CM-LC economic zone.
It is predicted that by 2025, Chan May's urban population will be over 130 thousand people, and urban construction land area is over 3,439ha.  In particular, the villa residential land is over 246ha, and the adjacent residential land is over 230ha. Meanwhile, the specialized land, including public works, administrative works, commercial, medical, educational, and complex works has a total area of over 1,084ha.  Particularly, the urban area combining high-tech area, the clean industry area and high-tech industry area has a total area of over 1,344 hectares.
Currently, Chan May urban area has completed the construction of technical infrastructure for four resettlement projects with a total area of about 125ha, with the capability for about 3,000 households to reside.

The urban area basically completes main traffic routes as set in the general plan, with a total length of more than 120km of roads, meeting citizens' traffic needs and creating conditions for investors to implement the project. The wastewater treatment system having a capacity of 10,000 m3 per day, solid waste disposal site in Loc Thuy commune meeting the needs of wastewater treatment, waste treatment and solid waste collection in the area have been brought into operation.

The resort tourism project invested in Chan May - Lang Co

Developing with the nature of an urban ecological area combining with the development of high-tech parks, clean industries and high-tech industries, up to now, the destinations in the waterfall system include Tien spring, Voi spring, Mo waterfall, etc. have been exploited and branding.

Besides Lang Co, a beautiful bay in the world, Binh An and Canh Duong beaches are also rated as "top" beautiful beaches in the Central region.  Therefore, this area is attracting the largest number of investors for beach resort services.

Particularly, it is worth noting the Laguna Lang Co project; and, the Mediterraneo tourism and beach Resort and Minh Vien are also under construction.

CM-LC Economic Zone has granted investment license for 49 projects so far, with registered investment capital of 81,915 billion VND and land-use area of about 1,940 ha. Specifically, there are 12 projects with foreign investment capital with registered investment capital of about 55,737 billion VND and land-use area of about 540 ha.  Moreover, many investors from the US, Japan, Korea, etc., are also investigating and researching investments.

The Provincial Economic and Industrial Zones Management Board focuses on attracting and calling for investment in developing projects for urban, housing, tourism, container terminals and projects supporting the production and assembly of cars or electronic equipment, etc., belonging to the clean industry and the high-tech industry.

Mr. Le Van Tue, Head of the Economic and Industrial Zone Management Board, stated that thanks to the orientation of developing clean and environmentally-friendly industries, many businesses have come to seek for investment opportunities. However, their manufacturing sector could negatively impact the environment, so they had to invest in other places.

However, in the current and future trends, the clean and environmentally friendly industry is the direction for which many countries are heading. CM-LC is an ideal investment place for these projects since it will form an eco-industrial park in a global orientation.

Over the past two years, many large-scale industrial production projects using advanced technology with little impact on the environment have come to make investment. Specifically, up to now, this place has attracted six industrial production projects with a total registered investment capital of more than 6,700 billion VND. Among these, many large projects are expected to contribute significantly to the budget, such as two projects of automobile production and assembly, Nakamoto automobile accessories production project, Billion Max toy production project, Sunjin sock-weaving project, quartz processing for electronics industry, etc.

Mr. Le Van Tue said that when the industry develops and still ensures environmental factors, the clean industry would become the driving force for tourism to develop.  Also, developed tourism would create more and more dynamism, helping to attract more new investments.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, the Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Phu Loc district, in order to actively support the construction and development of Chan May urban area following the planning orientation, the District People's Committee has been creating the most favorable conditions for the investors to implement the projects.

In particular, they would focus on quickly and promptly settling investors' requests, especially large-scale projects such as the Project Laguna Phase 2, Minh Vien International Resort Project, Kim Long Motors Huế's auto manufacturing and assembling complex, etc. At the same time, it is crucial to coordinate and strengthen the management of urban areas, natural resources, environment, and construction order, contributing to meeting sustainable urban development requirements in the future.

Story and photos: Ba Tri