Lang Co bay
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Lang Co, the beautiful bay of Thua Thien Hue province is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
Address: Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province


Lang Co Bay has a length of 42,5 km, more than 60 km from Hue city and 20 km from Da Nang; is a nearly pristine sea bay located at the foot of Hai Van Pass, with a flat beach, beautiful blue water with a very diverse and rich ecosystem. In the distance are the vast tropical forests on the undulating mountains, located between the mountains and the sea, the vast and attractive Lap An lagoon spread over the area. This is one of the famous tourist attractions and landmarks of Thua Thien Hue province, considered by Khai Dinh Emperor to be a paradise place.


The place “Lang Co” used to be called An Cu, including a cluster of Lang Co towns like now, when the French came to choose as a resort, wrote An Cu  into “L'anco ,” and misreading into Lang Co  Some people also think that there were many storks in Lang Co in the past, so it was called Stork Village, then read by the locals as Lang Co. 

Legend has it that king Khai Dinh was the first to discover this famous holiday destination. He ascended the throne in May 5/1916, in the first year of his reign (summer 1916), the king opened an exhibition of landscapes in the districts from Hue to Hai Van Pass and discovered the resort tourist site in Lang Co beach. This location is located 66,5 km south of Hue and 40,5 km north of Da Nang by road. It was here that the king recognized and appreciated the natural beauties on four sides around: to the north was the mouth of the Canh Duong sea (at the tip of Chan May), to the south was Hai Van Quan (in Hai Van mountain), to the northwest was Phu Gia mountain, blurred in smoke clouds (on the other side of An Cu lagoon), and to the east was the vast, fresh, cool ocean waves. It was at that spot on the beach that the king enjoyed, enjoyed the interesting holidays and felt the excitement from body to spirit and exclaimed "Such a paradise place!”. After returning to the Hue Imperial Palace, king Khai Dinh immediately ordered the Ministry of Public Works to bring materials to the Lang Co to build an "executive palace" (The palace was built outside the Imperial Palace for the king and the royal family to rest and entertain) for the king to rest in the summer, and sometimes even bring the two mothers of the king, Ms Thanh Cung (stepmother) and Ms Tien Cung (own mother), here to relax and admire the scenery. The king named this palace “Tinh Viem” (literally meaning: calming the heat). It was here that king Khai Dinh wrote about Tinh Viem Palace carved into stone stelae, erected in Lang Co to commemorate, which is still in place.

Called Lang Co beach or Lang Co bay all have its own characteristics, in the bay there is a sea.  Located in the middle of the branch of Truong Son mountain range that reaches the sea, on one side is Hai Van pass, on the other side is Phu Gia pass, Lang Co appears to be a beautiful and long stretch of sand dunes.


In the last days of autumn, Lang Co sea was immersed in the mist. In the afternoon, each herd of white storks flew to the Lap An lagoon to sleep.

Lang Co Beach has long been a famous beach with the convergence of all the best. The length of the coast runs up to 10km making visitors feel so small, the sea road runs deep to the end of the horizon.

Lang Co has not only the sea but also the harmony of tropical forests, curved pass roads, curved rocky mountains along with interesting discoveries up to the forest and down to the sea here. Coming to Lang Co, visitors can experience different types of sea tourism such as swimming, scuba diving or resort...

Lang Co have beautiful sand dunes. Visting Lang Co in every season will have its own attractions. In the summer, Lang Co is a paradise away from the sun, the atmosphere is cool thanks to the sea dispelling the sun is extremely pleasant. While the whole central is suffering from the "fire" burning, the climate of Lang Co is mild at 25-26 degrees. In the closing days of fall, Lang Co was enveloped in a foggy mist that overwhelmed tourists, who did not dare to breathe deeply, believing that simply one breath would dispel the thin mist that covered the bay like smoke. 

In addition to the values that nature has bestowed, Lang Co Bay is also a part of the central heritage road from Phong Nha Cave, Hue Ancient Capital to Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary; located on the East-West economic corridor. In addition, Lang Co area is oriented to develop a long-term association with Chan May - Lang Co economic zone and Chan May - Lang Co deep-water port approved by the Prime Minister to ensure sustainable and comprehensive development.

Route Guide:

Lang Co Bay, located more than 25 kilometers north of Da Nang and more than 60 kilometers south of Hue, is a must-see when visiting Hue. 

Routes to Lang Co from Da Nang:

From the center of Da Nang, go along Nguyen Van Linh Street to the cheap roundabout to Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, cross Le Do Street and then turn left on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, then to National Highway 1A. From here, you can go straight to the pass and straight to Lap An Lagoon - Lang Co beach. You should pay attention because on the pass there will be a lot of steep turns and sometimes there is light rain with dew, so turn on the car lights when going up to the high pass and especially remember to fill the tank with gasoline. 

For family groups, it is safer: take the same the road to the foot of Hai Van Pass but at National Highway 1A, you choose to turn left to take transit vehicle (with instructions on the road). There will be a transfer station, where you will buy parking tickets and tickets for passengers to go to Hai Van Tunnel by 29 seats. The transfer fare through the tunnel only ranges from 20k-40k for pedestrians and motorbikes. This is a safe and time-saving option, but you will miss these beautiful and unique passes. 

Routes to Lang Co from Hue:

From Hue, you go along National Highway 1A in the direction of Da Nang about 60km. You will see Lang Co sea, when get close to Hai Van tunnel. The most obvious is that many large resorts on the left of the road signal you have come to Lang Co.

Experience Guide:

As the sea, the best time to come to Lang Co is the summer from April to August. Because at this time the weather is beautiful, there is a lot of sunshine, the sea is clear and cool. You can freely capture memorable moments during your trip.

Coming to Lang Co, visitors can easily enjoy a perfect vacation, in addition to the beautiful scenery, enjoy the delicious dishes of Hue's famous local lagoon, there are also resorts with a full range of services from nearby resorts, restaurants, hotels, you will certainly not be satisfied with an ideal destination.

Resorts in Lang Co:

- Lang Co Beach Resort (463 Lac Long Quan, Lang Co town, Hue)

- Thanh Tam Resort (Phu Loc, Lang Co, Hue)

- Stork Village - Lang Co Resort (499 Lac Long Quan, Phu Loc, Hue) (closed)

- Nirvana Spa & Resort (Chan May, Lang Co, Phu Loc, Hue - Tel: 0234 3684 700)

Hotels in Lang Co:

- Angsana Lang Co (Laguna Lang Co, Loc Vinh, Phu Loc) - Tel: 0234 3695 800

- Quynh Lien Hotel (304 Lac Long Quan, National Highway 1A, Lap An, Lang Co, Phu Loc, Hue) - Tel: 0234 3873 429

Restaurants in Lang Co:

- Lang Co Restaurant (National Highway 1A, Lap An, Lang Co, Phu Loc, Hue)

- Viet Long Lang Co floating restaurant (An Cu, Lang Co, Phu Loc, Hue) - Tel: 090 595 63 57