Peaceful Thanh Phuoc ancient village
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Thanh Phuoc ancient village (in Huong Phong Commune), which is located about 10 kilometers away from Hue City, has a peaceful and charming beauty.





The Sinh junction, which is in front of the village, is the confluence of the Huong River and the Bo River, before descending to Tam Giang Lagoon, and pouring into the East Sea.

As a vast water area, the Sinh junction was once famous in Hue folklore as "Boats from Dong Ba, passing through Dap Da (Stone Dike). The boats go to Vy Da, and then straight to Sinh junction”. The Sinh junction is also home to affluent villages, imbued with cultural identity, along with communal houses bearing Hue cultural identity.

The charming beauty of Thanh Phuoc village along Bo River will hold back anyone who has the opportunity to visit it…

Hue News would like to introduce to you a photo reportage on Thanh Phuoc ancient village by Tran Dinh Duc Hieu, a photographer.

The early dawn

A panoramic view of Thanh Phuoc village

The river flows from the village to the East Sea

Boats are crossing Sinh junction

Pulling the fishing nets by foot


Getting on a boat to catch fish in the nets

A big fishing net on the river

A fishing net on the river

The fishermen

Dropping fishing nets on the river; behind are the communal house of Thanh Phuoc village and the ancestral worship hall

An ancestral worship hall facing the river

A panoramic view of the Sinh junction

Tran Dinh Duc Hieu