Le Ba Dang Memory Space
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Located in the ancient capital of Hue, Lebadang Memory Space is a project that materializes the cherished aspirations of artist Lebadang. He held a deep attachment to Hue and envisioned it as a cultural and artistic capital of contemporary Vietnam in the 21st century.
Address: Kim Son village, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, Thua Thien Hue province
Opening Time: All days of the week, except Monday
Price: 269,000 VND/ticket/pax; 150,000 VND/ticket/Hue person; Children under 1.3m: Free

Le Bá Đảng (also known as Lebadang) is a renowned figure in modern world art, admired and honored with the title "Master Painter of the East and West." Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, his artworks have been exhibited in numerous countries worldwide and have found their place in many private collections, particularly in the United States, Japan, and France.

Now, in the ancient capital of Hue, both local and international art enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore over 300 artworks spanning various genres, artistic techniques, and materials from different creative periods of Le Bá Đảng. This treasure trove is housed within the Lebadang Memory Space—a modern and uniquely innovative private art museum.

Lebadang Memory Space, initiated in 2015 and completed in 2019, serves as a venue to showcase and pay tribute to the works of Lê Bá Đảng.


Lebadang Memory Space - A Story of a Dream

During his lifetime, artist Le Bá Đảng had dreamt of a space where he could freely create and exhibit his artworks with their true dimensions. However, this dream remained unrealized until his passing in 2015.

Lê Cẩm Tế, who had worked with artist Le Bá Đảng for over a decade, was deeply concerned with fulfilling his wish. With the desire to bring his aspiration to fruition, she found a piece of land to construct a memorial house for the artist. This land was a barren hill in Huong Thuy town, characterized by dry, hard red soil and rocky pebbles. Despite minimal support, she decided on this location due to envisioning a beautiful space for the future.

In 2016, a year after the passing of artist Le Bá Đảng, Cẩm Tế invited Myshu, his spouse, to visit this small and warm garden. Myshu loved the idea and upon learning about the intention to build a Lebadang Memory Space, she immediately agreed and supported the idea.

Subsequently, discussions about the architectural design took place. After considering various options, Myshu chose a paper-cut artwork by Le Bá Đảng to serve as the architectural blueprint for the main building, insisting on adhering to the original concept.

With extensive research and dedication, architect Hồ Viết Vinh, artist Tô Bích Hải, communication design expert Luc Ho, interior design specialist Éric Mignard, and engineer Vũ Văn Kiên transformed the paper-cut artwork into an exquisite building with complete functions and scale, as it stands today.

le ba dang memory space

The Lebadang Memory Space is a construction that replicates an artwork by the artist himself, Le Bá Đảng.

"The garden is the embodiment of my soul and affection for both Le Bá Đảng and Myshu," stated Mrs. Cẩm Tế. She carefully selected flowers, fruit-bearing trees, and many paper flower plants that the artist Le Bá Đảng loved during his lifetime. The dominant colors of the garden are especially the shades of purple and red, reflecting the hues that the artist was fond of.

On April 21, 2019, the dream of artist Le Bá Đảng became a reality with the establishment of the Lebadang Memory Space in Kim Son hamlet, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district, Thừa Thiên Huế province.

The dream of artist Le Bá Đảng, coupled with the mission of Mrs. Cẩm Tế, has come full circle with the assistance of Lebadang art enthusiasts both domestically and globally.


The Lebadang Memory Space is a complex spanning 16,000 square meters, featuring various structures. Prominently within it are the Exhibition Space beneath the ground, showcasing the life of artist Le Bá Đảng, and the White House, housing the display of his artworks.

le ba dang memmory space

The main building stands at a height of 10 meters and is constructed based on a paper-cut artwork by artist Le Bá Đảng. This design was chosen by Myshu (the spouse of artist Le Bá Đảng) and translated into the current structure by a team of architects and consulting experts.

le ba dang memory space

The entrance to the Underground Gallery is very impressively designed

The basement, where we talk about creative paths, screen the movie "From Bich La to Paris" - a movie about talented painter Le Ba Dang

The exhibition space doesn't confine itself within the main display building; rather, it cleverly extends into the underground area. This space has been artfully arranged right from the entrance, with artistic pieces thoughtfully positioned. Standing out amidst the green of the grass are elegantly designed exhibition spaces that harmoniously blend humanity, nature, and art.

le ba dang

The construction is built in a modern style while still adhering to feng shui principles: using the flow of a stream as the main path and the Kim Son mountain as the foreground. Additionally, the distance from the city and the peacefulness of the surroundings elevate the landscape values. This tranquility resonates with the serene atmosphere of Hue.

Lebadang Memory Space currently serves as a venue to exhibit artworks that Myshu donated, along with pieces commissioned by artists from 2009 to 2012, and artistic mementos received over the more than 10 years of collaboration. It's also a space for art enthusiasts to gather, exchange ideas, and host future events.

Thus, Lebadang Memory Space is where the "story of a dream" unfolds—the tale of an artist whose life and career thrived in the West yet was forever linked to the East, to his homeland of Vietnam, Hue, and the village of Bích La Đông, Quảng Trị.

Beyond appreciating Le Bá Đảng's artworks within a musically immersive space, visitors can also stroll through the serene garden, blending with nature and art. They can relax in the Space Café & Bistro, engaging in discussions with fellow art lovers and life enthusiasts.

Route Guide:

From Đàn Nam Giao, go along Minh Mạng Street and Khải Định Street. When you see a sign indicating 1.5km to Khải Định Tomb and on the left side of the road is the location of Hoàng Mai Restaurant, you will encounter the first sign for Lebadang Memory Space directing you towards Kim Sơn village. The distance from this first sign to the main gate of the museum is 700 meters.

The distance from the city center of Hue to here is approximately 8km, taking about 10-15 minutes of travel time.

Experience Guide:

Once you're in Huế, don't forget to visit Lebadang Memory Space for an immersion into a realm of sophisticated art, romance, and nostalgia, and capture moments against a backdrop that couldn't be more stunning. Let's "Team up, get dressed up" right away to ensure you're in time for check-in at this "monument of art, a universe-inspired landscape, and a harmonious blend with nature, boundless in every sense."


Ticket prices:

Standard ticket price for out-of-town visitors and international tourists is 269,000 VND.

Special price for residents of Huế is 150,000 VND.

Free admission for tour guides with valid tour guide cards, children under 6 years old, and seniors over 75 years old.

50% discount on tickets for students aged 6-12.


This article includes images from Lebadang Memory Space's Fanpage.