The Golden Pagoda” in the heart of Hue Ancient Capital
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Recently, Thien Lam Pagoda has become one of the most attractive “check-in” destinations in Hue. This place is also referred to as the “Land of Golden Pagoda” in the heart of Hue Ancient Capital.

India-specific features amid the rustling pine trees

The most outstanding architectural feature of Thien Lam Pagoda is the magnificent golden stupa with its pinnacle of tens of meters high, engraved with delicate reliefs, majestically soaring up in the sky. The stupa is iconic and representative of unique characteristics of Theravada Buddhism at this 60-year-old pagoda. 

Surrounding the spacious space with the stupa are green trees, statues and landscapes in miniature having been brilliantly created and adorned. With sincere appreciation and a hand phone with normal camera, you will get satisfying photos right after a few magic clicks. Therefore, many visitors to Thien Lam Pagoda feel as though they were lost in the “Land of Golden Pagoda” in Hue with stupas, colors and architecture. 

Meanwhile, many young people choose Thien Lam Pagoda as the place to preserve their youth. With sophistication and investment, they decide to put on the traditional Chakkri (Thai traditional costume) to check in at the “Land of Golden Pagoda” in the heart of Hue City. 

Under the wide sky and gently floating clouds, the youth, full of enthusiasm and vitality, seems to be entirely preserved. And it is also joyful that not only Thien Lam Pagoda, but Hue Imperial Citadel, tombs, sanctuaries and shrines have become must-see destinations on the journey to mark the youth of young people as well.

Young people choosing Thien Lam Pagoda to “check-in”

Another feature of Thien Lam Pagoda is its delicate beauty regardless of the weather. In the midst of rare sunny days in a series of rainy days in Hue, the landscape of the Pagoda brightens with vitality; and this is a very suitable time for a sightseeing stroll. What is more particular is that the continual rain embellishes the unique beauty of Thien Lam Pagoda. 

For me, apart from the majestic and unique architecture, as well as the distinctive beauty, the most special thing about Thien Lam Pagoda is the scent of jade orchid. That the canopy of the old jade orchid tree next to the stupa which never stops giving off its fragrant smell seems to add to the beauty of the pagoda. 

Giving shades to one corner of the Pagoda, the petals of jade orchid spread in the wind, releasing the rich and sweet aroma into the air. Pick up the fallen petals and look up at the stupa, all the worries in one’s heart would seem to vanish. Tranquility rushes in just like a shower in the hot summer afternoon. 

Visiting Thien Lam Pagoda with India-specific features seems to take time for going, but it requires no more than a 10-minute ride on a motorbike, taking a turn to Thanh Hai street (Hue City) from Dien Bien Phu street or Le Ngo Cat street. After a short distance, there is quite large a signpost, following it will lead to the destination. On the way to find that beauty, after visiting Thien Lam, you can visit the ancient Tu Hieu Pagoda or/and Quang Te Pagoda with numerous new things. 

After the storm No. 13, the canopy of the old jade orchid tree at Thien Lam Pagoda still stretches out next to the stupa. The ivory petals still give off a fragrant aroma, releasing into the tranquility of the unique pagoda a scent of the essence of heaven and earth. 

The scents of the jade orchid, of the resin of the rustling pine trees, and of the fresh air in the small hill are so sweet. The fragrances of flowers, of heaven and earth have brought a sense of tranquility and optimism to visitors from all over the world - the ones stopping by to admire and enjoy the magnificence of Thien Lam Pagoda.

Story and photos: Mai Hue