CHAN claypot Rice Restaurant
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CHAN is not a restaurant, Chan is a place to inspire love for Vietnamese cuisine.
Address: 01 Nguyen Thai Hoc st, Phu Hoi, Hue

Coming to Hue, you can not miss the famous claypot rice at Chan restaurant. With attractive dishes, rich in the flavor of home rice, missing by many diners when leaving Hue. 

On the crowded Hue street, Chan restaurant impresses people with its pure white façade, highlighting the deep brown color of the doorways. When passing here, everyone will definitely look up because of the grandeur of the design and the gentle beauty of Chan restaurant.

A peaceful, quiet space with a layout that brings old nostalgia to a difficult but humane time. Hundreds of idyllic, rustic but equally delicate dishes will awaken your taste buds.

The name "Chan" was inspired by the old meat safe that mom used to store food. It contains the poor childhood of many people. Smudges, old but love, are the idyllic laughter we need in the midst of modern life. Chan Restaurant was born with the desire to remind a little childhood memories of home meals cooked by mom herself. Although idyllic and rustic with sour soups, stew fish, but home rice is what feeds us and is the sky of childhood.


With the desire to bring a pure Vietnamese culinary space, the restaurant serves hometown dishes, especially with the flavor of the dishes cooked by the mother. With the busy times of life, we cannot return home every day to gather around the family tray.

Not only satisfying diners with rustic dishes from meat or vegetables through the menu set:

- Stew coconut goby fish

- Fig mixed shrimp meat

- Crab vegetable soup

- Roast meat + pickled bean sprouts + shrimp paste

- Tofu stuffed with ground meat ketchup

Chan also received an absolute ten points for its specially crafted seafood dish.

- Squid stuffed with syrup

- Fried squid with pineapple and tomato

- Poached coconut water shrimp

If you have visited Chan house, you must definitely try once "Rice ration". This will be a suitable choice that busy people are looking for, or for those who want a new individual servings experience. Rice with ten side dishes - it's strange to hear the name, but who would expect to be familiar. Because in the ration there are many dishes such as mixed melon, roast pork, egg rolls, shredded chicken with salad, mashed shrimp and soup. You will be ready to work after a delicious meal.

Experience Guide:

In order to be able to satisfy diners from quality to service, what Chạn aims for is that the food must not only be delicious, but also clean and tidy. Every meal, every table, Chan always prepared decently.

- Well-groomed eating utensils

- Each plate of food is also meticulously arranged.

Those small things contribute to a professional service style and show enthusiasm at each meal.

The restaurant always makes sure to bring you delicious, nutritious dishes made from fresh and clean ingredients. In the spacious and airy space with Vietnamese characteristics, Vietnamese dishes of Chan restaurant will warm the heart and bring satisfaction to diners from all over the world.

Chạn not only sells claypot rice, it serves with kindness and more than that, love is richly seasoned in each dish.


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