Corn sweet soup in Hen Islet
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Photo: Internet
Hen Islet is not only famous for mussel rice, but also the delicious corn sweet soup that can only be found in Hue. In Hen Islet, there are dozens of hectares of mudflat where locals grow corn almost all year long (except for 3 flood months). Thanks to the fertilized soil after flood, corn grown in Hen Islet is very tasty.
Photo: Internet

One of the secrets for a perfect corn sweet soup is selecting the right corn which is not too young or too old. After being peeled off, corns are cut into thin slices. The corn core are boiled to cook the sweet soup later (remove corn core after boiling). Then, sliced corns are added into the already boiled water. It is stirred well in an hour until the corn grains are cooked. Then, the cook adds some sugar and stirs well. Do not forget to add the right amount of sugar so that the sweet soup is not too sweet. Fragrant coconut milk is added into corn sweet soup. The sweet soup is now ready to enjoy.