Snorkeling and Viewing Coral at Son Cha – Ngoc Island
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The unexplored islands at the foot of Hai Van mount with jade-colored water embracing the golden sand left many explorers at a loss of words at its radiant beauty.

“It’s magnificent! This place is nothing less than Nha Trang or Phu Quoc,” Le Hong Thuy, owner of a tour operator specializing in photo tours exclaimed as he gazed at the islands on his canoe from Lang Co. Not only Thuy, but many other travel businesses have expressed the same feeling as they first arrived at the islands on their exploration tour to find potential to attract tourists.

Tourists swim in the area of ​​Bai Chuoi beach, located at the foot of Hai Van, 15 minutes by canoe from Lang Co sea.

On the canoe by Blue Sea Lang Co – a water sport organizing company that has just introduced a snorkeling and viewing coral experiential tour at Son Cha – Ngoc Island, we had a day of adventure, exploring new things that are still not yet widely known.

After roughly 15 minutes of going by canoe, visitors took a break at Bai Chuoi for swimming. Here is the sea with crystal clear water, surrounded by a shore of golden sand as if curving a natural swimming pool. Especially, tourists not only hear the sound of the waves and catch the cool wind from the sea but also can see an exciting sight of the North-South train steering around the majestic mountain ridges while swimming in the water.

After another 20 minutes, the canoe continued its journey to a reef near the shore for snorkeling. Previously, even while being on the canoe, Mr Tran Quoc Hung - the owner of this new tour, showed how to use the scuba gear like a professional diver such as wetsuits, masks, tanks, regulators, etc…. and skills for diving and viewing the coral at a depth of 6-10 meters.

The fastest way for traveling to Son Cha – Ngoc Island is by boat, offering guests a wonderful feeling like surfing the waves.

Mr Vo Hien, representative of a travel agency in Hue have had experiences exploring coral systems in many parts the country, but this is his first time in Hue. He said this was an incredible experience since the coral system here is attractively colorful... “There is no need to go far, I hope this tour would become more popular as well as an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign tourists,” Mr Hien was excited.

According to Mr. Tran Quoc Hung, Son Cha – Ngoc Island had over a hundred kinds of coral, seaweed and fish. They created a diverse underwater ecosystem. Organizing scuba diving tour, while protecting this ecosystem is an extremely important matter; tourism can be increased, while maintaining the rare marine resources. “Many tourists had the same amazed feeling before the wildness of the coral system here at Son Cha – Ngoc Island, especially when they are all natural with no human interference, with crystal clear water, a wide variety of fish, clean air, and surrounded by forests and mountains,” he shared.

Everything is still untouched and fresh. Tourism businesses all share the same opinion that the ecosystem and beaches of Son Cha – Ngoc Island must be preserved. And plans are also being put forward by businesses to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. Son Cha – Ngoc Island promises to be a famous destination comparable with many others.

Thua Thien Hue Online has had the chance to record many impressive sights of Son Cha – Ngoc Island which is still wild, yet romantic.

A tourist taking a selfie on the canoe.

What a great feeling jumping into the water at Son Cha – Ngoc Island.

From Son Cha – Ngoc Island, tourists can also catch an exciting sight of the North-South train steering around the majestic mountain ridges while swimming in the water.

Showing tourist how to put on masks.

Leaving the canoe, getting ready to dive.

A tourist viewing the coral at the bottom.

Straight, upright rocks surrounding the beach create a majestic natural and exciting scenery for the people who come here.

A moment of excitement for tourists coming to Son Cha – Ngoc Island.

Tourists love the canoe trip traveling at 40km/h.

Wild, yet romantic scenery of Son Cha – Ngoc Island.

By Phan Thanh